Introduction and Overview

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PhotoClone Introduction and Overview Tutorial


Welcome to PhotoClone, one of the fastest and most powerful image editing and transformation tools available. Please take a couple of minutes and allow our animated tutorials, to demonstrate some of the many capabilities of this software. All tutorials are animated and enhanced with audio tracks. Please sit back and enjoy these demonstrations.

PhotoClone Main Features:

  • Advanced Contact Sheet Generation Mode: press the Contact Sheet toolbar button, and apply your transformations and image filters to contact sheets instantly as they are generated: FASTER and more FLEXIBLE, than any other image editing software available!
  • Instant or Batch Desktop Wallpaper Creation: one toolbar click to transform any photo into a desktop wallpaper - no matter what the image format is, or the size of the original photo! Create any number of wallpapers at ANY size with one mouse click!
  • Background Digital Frame Styles or Color Variations: unique user selectable background frames including color negatives or 35 millimeter slide effects. Choose any color pattern or gradient style!
  • Multiple Image Previews: THREE "real time" previews are always available. View your original image, background image effects and the final photo transformation at the same time!
  • One-Click Toolbar: Large image buttons to guide you through many instant photo transformations, with just one mouse click!
  • Interactive Image List Window: combine any number of photos from any number of disks, (including network access) into one master photo list!
  • Complete User Canvas Size Controls: change the canvas size to match each individual photo, your PC screen dimensions, predefined size templates for DVD and HDVD or any size down to thumbnails.
  • Batch Process and Print Buttons: no scripts or complicated record process necessary. Just press the Batch buttons to transform or print, as many photos as you desire! User batch file name controls, will allow you the ultimate flexibility in renaming groups of files.
  • Batch Thumbnail Previews: thumbnails are generated after any batch process, to allow you to preview the results instantly.
  • Image Watermark or Logo Controls: apply your own transparent watermark or logo, to any number of images with one mouse click. Controls to select the watermark, the corresponding transparency color and the location on the photo. Options are (Lower Left Corner, Lower Right Corner, Upper Left Corner, Upper Right Corner).
  • Photo Transformation Slide Show: click on the slide show button and let PhotoClone show you the endless varieties of photo transformations that are just one mouse click away!
  • Image Crop Controls: apply photo cropping with one button click or fine tune the cropping process using the optional slider controls.
  • Multiple Photo Image Filters: over a dozen photo image filters are available. They can be combined to produce an incredible number of special photo transformations. Multiple preview windows allow you to see the effects before and after applying at the same time!


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