2020 NFL Weekly Matchups

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Note: the Line in the "E Line" columns refer to point spreads as established by computer based on computer ranking of each team. The E stands for error if a game is played and the outcome is not what the computer predicted. Since the team rankings are adjusted after each game of the regular season and playoffs, the line is re-calculated for previous games played.


                                  Team Matchups For Week 1 - (09/13/2020)
E Line Game Day Tm(EST) R Psc              HOME TEAM vs Opponent               Pal    
  EVEN           1:00pm   ---         BUFFALO, BILLS vs New York, Jets         ---    
  +12            1:00pm   ---     NEW ENGLAND, PATRIOTS vs Miami, Dolphins     ---    
  +11            1:00pm   ---      BALTIMORE, RAVENS vs Cleveland, Browns      ---    
  EVEN           4:05pm   ---   CINCINNATI, BENGALS vs Los Angeles, Chargers   ---    
  -3         Mo  7:15pm   ---     NEW YORK, GIANTS vs Pittsburgh, Steelers     ---    
  +9         Th  8:20pm   ---      KANSAS CITY, CHIEFS vs Houston, Texans      ---    
  +8             1:00pm   ---   JACKSONVILLE, JAGUARS vs Indianapolis, Colts   ---    
  EVEN       Mo 10:10pm   ---       DENVER, BRONCOS vs Tennessee, Titans       ---    
  +4             1:00pm   ---     CAROLINA, PANTHERS vs Las Vegas, Raiders     ---    
  +5             8:20pm   ---       LOS ANGELES, RAMS vs Dallas, Cowboys       ---    
  -4             1:00pm   ---   WASHINGTON, REDSKINS vs Philadelphia, Eagles   ---    
  EVEN           1:00pm   ---         DETROIT, LIONS vs Chicago, Bears         ---    
  +3             1:00pm   ---     MINNESOTA, VIKINGS vs Green Bay, Packers     ---    
  EVEN           1:00pm   ---      ATLANTA, FALCONS vs Seattle, Seahawks       ---    
  EVEN           4:25pm   ---   NEW ORLEANS, SAINTS vs Tampa Bay, Buccaneers   ---    
  +11            4:25pm   ---    SAN FRANCISCO, 49ERS vs Arizona, Cardinals    ---    



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