This site compiles complete scores and schedules from 1966 (Super Bowl I) to the present year. What's unique about this site is that it uses a computer ranking system than can be used to compare teams from different years regardless of the number of games played or differences in the playoff systems over the years!

Use the archive menu on the left to select the archive page that corresponds to the year of interest. Each years winner of the Super Bowl is identified by the picture of the team helmet on the left. The loser's helmet is pictured on the right. The "blue N" (nfclet.gif (864 bytes)) indicates that the NFC won that years Super Bowl. The "red A" (afclet.gif (897 bytes)) indicates that the AFC won (in case you can't tell from the team helmet picture). Also, click on the "Best" or "Worst" graphics to get summaries of the best or worst teams of each decade or the best and worst teams in Super Bowl History! Enjoy!!!

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