Statistical projections on which teams will make the playoffs, team playoff seedings and which team is most likely to WIN this year's SUPER BOWL.

This format predicts the playoff seeding and success of teams based on their current ranking. At the beginning of the season, each team is assigned a theoretical ranking based on previous years performance, draft selections, free agent defections etc. For the first half of the season (6-8 games), this factor accounts for matchup point spreads. For the second half of the season, actual team performance for the current season is used. "Synthetic" data is introduced for the remainder of the season by predicting the outcome of all remaining games for all teams. The corresponding playoff seeding and game scores are projected based on NFL tie breaker rules and team ratings as calculated by computer. Teams closer to the middle (#1) are most likely to advance to and win the Super Bowl.

If you're not into numbers analysis and you want to "cut to the chase", you can also see the results of this analysis in the form of post season projections. For a more detailed explanation of where/how these numbers are generated, please read this.

Data To Be Updated Soon....

Table 1: Legend
CONF Conference DIV Division
PMP Percentage success at making the playoffs DW1 Division wins as seed #1
PWD Percentage success winning the division DW2 Division wins as seed #2
WPW Wild card playoff wins DW3 Division wins as seed #3
DPW Divisional playoff wins WC4 Wild card appearances as seed #4
CCW Conference championship wins WC5 Wild card appearances as seed #5
SBW Super Bowl wins WC6 Wild card appearances as seed #6
PSW Percentage of Super Bowl wins

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